With an eye for color and texture, Bree Wellons gravitated towards interior design during her college years at Syracuse University, when she studied cultural anthropology and photography. Her interest grew after graduation, while she traveled around the world, absorbing different cultural design details. While living in Sydney, Australia, Bree was inspired by modern interior design, and she soon realized her hobby had developed into something more. When she returned to the United States, she began working for another designer and enrolled in interior design school. She began working with clients and friends almost immediately, and she was hooked. Her passion for combining old and new became a signature stamp on her own home and on the spaces she designed for clients. In 2009 Bree launched Dilwyne Designs, a design studio born from her many travels, her eye for detail, and her knack for making her environment, no matter where it is, a place where friends and family are always welcome and comfortable.


Through a series of meetings and interviews, we get a sense of the client’s lifestyle, how they intend to use the space, likes and dislikes, and goals for the projects. We encourage the client to become an intricate part of the process, whether the project is residential or commercial. Homes and businesses are reflections of the people who reside in them. Our design process ensures that every space is infused with the personalities, quirks, and aesthetic of the client. Dilwyne Designs provides layout options with varying palettes and price-ranges. Everything from paint palettes, carpet samples, fabric swatches, and furniture tear sheets are collected and presented. Supporting local businesses is a priority, as well as finding new and unique lines, no matter the location. We also love to incorporate foreign cultures into our work. We’ll go the distance to find the perfect piece if needed.


Current projects include private residences in Delaware and Pennsylvania and corporate offices in Delaware and Maryland.