“Thank goodness Bree helped with me on a recent family room project. She has a great eye for scale and had great instincts on the color choices. We worked together to pick a few anchor pieces and then had fun finding the right accents. She has fantastic ideas and resources. We pulled everything together quickly and I really love how it turned out.”

“We had a blank slate to work with when our kitchen and family room renovation was completed. I had no idea where to begin. Bree had wonderful ideas for color, furniture and how to arrange pieces. She knows how to turn rooms into great living spaces that can be functional but also beautiful.”

“Building a custom home from the ground up was a daunting task until we brought Dilwyne into the project. Bree’s ability to incorporate trends and artistry into our vision resulted in a true masterpiece. She was willing to help with as much or as little as we needed throughout the project and in the end there is not a room in the house that does not have Bree’s touch. She brought a wide variety of resources to the project that accommodated both budget and style. Bree’s desire to make our home unique and strike a perfect balance between our personal taste and her approach to design made the experience delightful!”

“Dilwyne Designs respected the pieces that we wanted to keep and helped update them, while finding new ones that coordinated beautifully.”

Having Bree’s help is like putting on a pair of magical “design glasses” that instantly render your own tastes a couple of levels better! No stress, no struggle, no errors–just confidence in your decisions and a fabulous finished room. Looking at a project from a practical standpoint, as well as a style standpoint, Bree can steer me in the most fashionable direction, and help me to realize my own personal style better than I could have alone. It is truly a talent! Bree is aesthetically spot-on, but also practical about life with spouses, children and pets. To sum it all up, Bree makes your house look like you live in it, you designed it–only better!